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Get Active Each Day Videos

The Munch & Move program encourages educators to expose children to a variety of movements through daily play-based learning experiences. This requires educators to plan activities and scaffold spontaneous opportunities to promote physical activity, encourage exploration of movement and assist children to develop fundamental movement skills (FMS).

The following videos showcase how educators provide physical activity opportunities to the children attending their services, through planned and spontaneous experiences and modified games:

Baby reaching for ball during tummy time

Active Play for 0-2 Years

Jodie, explains the importance of introducing fun physical experiences to babies and toddlers, and to plan children’s activities which expose children to a range of movements.

Boy doing hopscotch

Fundamental Movement Skills Session

Emma, an educator at Short Street Preschool and Occasional Care Centre demonstrates how the service incorporates daily FMS teaching into their service routine.

Four children sitting together and listening

Duck, Duck, Goose – Extending a familiar children’s game to include more movement

Jodie, reflects on the opportunity to involve all children in the experience instead of waiting for their turn.

Six children standing together and holding hands

Captains Coming

Kylie, demonstrates the game does not have too many rules, allowing children to participate equally and there is little need for additional equipment and large space.

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