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Munch & Move Storybooks

Storybooks are a great way to motivate and teach young children to eat well and stay active! There are an abundance of children’s books which can be used to engage children in the topics of healthy eating and physical activity including ‘Jack’s FUNtastic Day’ and ‘The Magic Lunchbox’.

Jack’s FUNtastic Day

Girl reads Jack's FUNtastic Day

Jack’s FUNtastic Day is a storybook about a boy named Jack who leaves his screen behind for a day to embark on a fun-finding expedition. Along the way he meets Ruby and together they discover that fun and games can be found just about anywhere.

Jack’s FUNtastic Day storybook and supporting educator materials were developed with the support of the Health Promotion Service at Central Coast Local Health District to promote physical activity and reduce small screen recreation for children aged 3-6 years. The storybook, supporting educator resource and activity cards for Jack’s FUNtastic Day are available free to download.

Jack's FUNtastic Day cover

Jack’s FUNtastic Day Storybook

A storybook to encourage active play in children attending early childhood services, primary schools, and with families.

Jack's FUNtastic Day Educator Resource cover

Jack’s FUNtastic Day Supporting Educator Resource

Early Childhood Educator Resource Book To promote active play and reduce screen time

Jack's FUNtastic Day cover

Activity Cards for Jack’s FUNtastic Day

Ask the children to play some of the games and activities that Jack and Ruby play in the story.

Jacks FUNtastic Day

Come hear about the adventures of Little Jack Quick and his FUNtastic day!


The Magic Lunchbox

The Magic Lunchbox is a captivating, fun story about packing a healthy lunchbox, especially for children in their transition to ‘big’ school.

The Magic Lunchbox cover

Developed by the Central Coast Health Promotion Service, The Magic Lunchbox supports children aged 4 to 6 years to understand everyday healthy food choices and “the magic made, when you put good food inside.”

Additional resources have been developed by Central Coast Health Promotion Service (CC HPS) and partners to support early childhood educators in using The Magic Lunchbox This includes a lunchbox poster, food activity cards, and educator resources to support the planning of engaging learning experiences. To download the storybook and supporting resources, please visit the Central Coast Health Promotion Service website.

Download The Magic Lunchbox resources on the CC HPS website

The Magic Lunchbox

Watch this magical, animated storytelling of The Magic Lunchbox developed by Central Coast Health Promotion Service!


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