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Caring for Children – Birth to 5 Years (Food, Nutrition and Learning Experiences)

Caring for Children Resource Cover

This resource provides practical information for cooks, directors and educators to meet the food and nutrition needs of children aged from birth to five years, whilst in care.

In this revision, Caring for Infants and Caring for Children have been combined into one resource covering 0-5 years.

For ease of download and printing we have provided the resource in a number of options, click on the relevant link below.

All centre-based early childhood education and care services participating in the Munch & Move program will receive a copy of Caring for Children, please contact your local Support Officer.

Healthy Menu Planning Online

The Munch & Move program offers free  professional development on healthy menu planning to services cooks working in NSW early childhood education and care (ECEC) services. The training is also suitable for service leaders involved in menu planning.

Healthy Menu Planning (HMP) Online is a two-part live webinar series based on the NSW Health Caring for Children: Birth to 5 years (Food, Nutrition and Learning Experiences) resource. Various topics will be covered including healthy eating and serve sizes for children, planning menus using the Nutrition Checklist for Menu Planning, modifying recipes to make their healthier, reading food labels and much more!

Starting Family Foods - Introducing Your Baby to Solid Foods Brochure

Starting Family Foods brochure

Revised Edition

This brochure is designed for parents of 0 -12 month old babies and provides information on the new Infant Feeding Guidelines including breastfeeding and when and how to start solid foods, safe food handling and hygiene, commercial foods, unsuitable foods, food allergies and more.

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