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Resources for Playgroups and Parents/Carers

It’s important for children and parents/carers to learn about healthy eating and active play to support children’s development. Recommendations and resources for parents/carers and playgroups, including supported playgroups, have been developed by NSW Health. The resources promote and encourage children’s healthy eating, physical activity, reduced small screen recreation time and oral health.

Playgroups, including supported playgroups, can provide engaging, educational and fun healthy eating and active play activities at the group session and also encourage carers/families to practice healthy eating and active play at home.

This page has links to guidelines, information and fun activities for parents/carers and playgroups, who want to support children to eat healthy food and participate in active play.

These resources are also suitable for other groups where parents/carers and young children attend together.

Healthy Eating and Active Play
Guidelines for parents/carers

Activities for Families to
use at Playgroup or Home

Activity Resources for Group Facilitators

Healthy Eating and Active Play Guidelines for Auspice Organisations and Playgroups

Resource Orders

If you would like to order any of the playgroup resources, please complete and email or fax the relevant order form listed below.

  1. Supported Playgroups resource order form for auspices and facilitators (PDF 152KB)
  2. Supported Playgroups resource order form for NSW local health district staff (PDF 140KB)

Please allow three weeks for processing and dispatch of your order.

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