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Resources for Playgroups and Parents/Carers

This page has digital resources designed for supported playgroup facilitators and parents/carers to support children to eat healthy food and participate in active play.

There are resources specifically for auspice organisations and playgroup facilitators (ie guidelines and checklists about what foods to serve and games to play at playgroup; cooking demonstrations including recipes for healthy cooking at playgroup; activity ideas for healthy eating and active play) and for parents/carers (ie handouts on healthy eating and active play to take home and read).

These resources are also suitable for other groups where parents/carers and young children attend together.

Healthy Eating and Active Play
Guidelines for parents/carers

Activities for Families to
use at Playgroup or Home

Activity Resources for Group Facilitators

For more hands-on cooking and activity ideas for children please see the Munch & Move Healthy Eating Learning Experiences Resource pages 67-78 (https://healthykids.nsw.gov.au/downloads/file/campaignsprograms/HealthyEatingLearningExperiencesResource.pdf) and Caring for Children Birth to 5 years (Food, Nutrition and Learning Experiences) pages 165-170 (https://healthykids.nsw.gov.au/munch-move-resources/caring-for-children/).
For more active play ideas please see the online Munch & Move physical activity resources (eg FMS with Franky and Friends, Physical Activity for Babies and Toddlers, FMS in Action: FMS for 3-5 year olds, Mini Moves Activity Pack, Play with me! Fun moves for 0 to 3 years, Jacks FUNtastic Day storybook) for ideas (www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/campaigns-programs/munch-move-resources.aspx).

Healthy Eating and Active Play Guidelines for Auspice Organisations and Playgroups

Munch & Move resources

The Munch & Move program, which is designed specifically for early childhood education and care services, has some fantastic resources that you can access online (unfortunately playgroups are not eligible for hard copy Munch & Move program resources, Munch & Move program training or Local Health District support).

 There are a variety of fact sheets on key health promotion messages (ie healthy eating, active play and screen time). There are also version for Aboriginal families and translated into a number of community languages. Please see https://healthykids.nsw.gov.au/munch-move-resources/munch-move-fact-sheets/

If you (a SP facilitator) are looking to run a session on healthy eating and physical activity then have a look at the ‘Munch & Move Family Information Session Package’ which has been developed to assist early childhood education and care services deliver a session on healthy eating and physical activity to families using the Munch & Move key messages.


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If you are an early childhood educator, you may wish to learn more about the Munch & Move program.

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