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Munch & Move Resource Manual

The Munch & Move Resource Manual – Birth to Five Years (2017) contains everything you need to know about the Munch & Move program. The resource manual provides best practice advice on healthy eating and physical activity in the early years and is based on national recommendations and guidelines. The resource manual explains the 6 program key messages, their rationale and application within the early childhood education and care setting.

The resource manual provides suggested learning experiences and activities focusing on encouraging healthy eating, promoting physical activity and reducing small screen time. Information to support quality service delivery, with content and suggestions for policies and partnerships with families included in the manual.

Each family day care service provider and centre-based early childhood education and care service that has completed formal Munch & Move training is provided with a copy of the resource manual. The manual remains property of the service for all educators to access.

To promote access to the information the manual has been divided into four sections and can be downloaded and viewed below.


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