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Kieraview Children's Centre - A Healthy Eating Learning Experience

Jodie, an educator from Keiraview Children’s Centre discusses how a group reading time activity can be extended to intentionally incorporate the Munch & Move key message of “Eat more fruit and vegetables”.  Jodie begins the experience by reading the book Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne to the children. The book references a basket of fruit so Jodie extends the reading activity to a group discussion on how eating fruit is good for the body and asked the children to name fruits that they enjoy.

The reading of the book was extended many times on different occasions to include vegetables and reached a point in which the children were able to re-tell the story, add in their own suggestions of healthy food to the narrative and correctly identify pictures of fruits and vegetables. Jodie also encouraged movement during the reading activity by asking children to stand up and select a picture of a vegetable from her own basket and place it on the board.

Munch & Move: Handa's Surprise

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